SDE is the best solution for a renewable energy source: the most cost effective and efficient green renewable energy solution

SDE technology was selected number 1 worldwide in the field of sea wave energy by PesWiki independent scientists.

Cost Effective Renewable energy

Scientists from around the world claim that using 1% of wave’s energy can provide 500 times the world energy consumption.

Wave Energy For the World

Independent reviewers such as “Pure Energy Systems” have tested our models and ranked our technologies as number one in the world in their category.

Pollution Free & Low maintenance costs

S.D.E.’s unique method for harnessing energy from sea waves is both environmentally friendly and economically rewarding.

S.D.E.’s technology is based on the utilization of sea waves to yield hydraulic pressure that produces electricity, while exploiting the full potential of wave speed, height, depth, rise and fall, and currents beneath the surface of the water.

SDE has established 11 joint ventures with local partners in 9 different countries and currently has several projects around the world and orders from government entities as well as private investors and corporations.

Due to environmental and economic crises there is a dire need for a renewable energy source that is efficient, low cost and non detrimental to the environment.
SDE holds this solution with its unique technology of harnessing sea wave energy.

Why Choose Us?

1. Environmentally Friendly

The system produces clean energy without detrimental effects to the environment.

2. Low Production Cost

The system produces generous amounts of electricity at the lowest cost per kWh of any currently viable production method, about $0.05 per kWh.

3. Easy to Implement

S.D.E.’s system can be constructed on poles located in the ocean depths or on wave breakers. The power plants occupy a very limited space on land.

4. Low maintenance and low operating costs

The system is made up of modular components and only 10% of the system is in the water, therefore the maintenance and operating costs are low.

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